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GRUPO BUSINESS CLASS INTERNATIONAL based in Barcelona is part of the European business travel group and almost 18% of the corporate business travel reservations in our country are organized by our group.

At the moment we count with more then 70 partners specialized in corporate travelling which are all based over the European Community. This made us one of the biggest reservations platforms of the European Continent.
We are very happy to say that we have a very privileged position at the international ranking off the biggest reservation platforms of the European Continent.

Our direct staff and partners are present all over the world. GRUPO BUSINESS CLASS INTERNATIONAL is working very closely with the governmental and official organizations as well as with public companies and associations in different sections.

In GRUPO BUSINESS CLASS INTERNATIONAL we not only provide travel solutions to companies but also have commitment and we do not forget about our passengers. We are professional agents providing service and we surely do not forget about the enthusiasm and customer care... about you!


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