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The technical organization of the travel proposals presented here on this website is made by Grupo Business Class International, under social security number B-64454317 and registered in the chain of commerce of Spain.

The services published are informative related with our corporate business travel and corporate events.

In our prices we include the detailed descriptions and specify the corresponding the itineraries. All prices include V.A.T and all other taxes.

We will not confirm any reservations until Grupo Business Class España emits the hotel voucher with its corresponding reservation number.

In case of any modification or changes referring dates of reservation already made after confirmation of the hotel we will not take any extra charges in case the corresponding fee and the conditions of the hotel agrees.

The customer can cancel the ordered services or amend with Grupo Business Class España and we will refund the quantity paid charging some costs in the following cases: We will require a written confirmation of the cancellation / amendment by the lead name on the booking by return.

Once bought the ticket if it refers a Tourist Class Ticket the airline company does not except changes or cancellations because this in this case the services and economic conditions are special and the charge for these cancellations is a 100% once the ticket has been emitted even if the customer gives a minimum of 7 days notice. If you bought a Full Tourist Class, Business or First Class ticket it is possible to cancel and receive the amount already paid. In this case you can cancel the ticket paying the administration charges ruled by the airline company.

In this case the cancellation fee or modification charges depend on the hotel normative and conditions once the reservation is made. Grupo Business Class España is not responsible and does not interfere in case of lost objects, or personal belongings in any establishment of the present contract.

In case of occasional delay at the moment of arrival this has to be communicated directly to the hotel management. This is to avoid the hotel term NO SHOW. This means they assume the customer is not coming without giving any notice.

In some establishments you have the possibility to order extra beds. The customer should order it directly when reservation is made with us or with the hotel at the moment of arrival. Normally these beds are not included in the price and should be paid separately.

The tourist regulation does not allow dogs and animals in tourist establishments.

The hotels normally have special conditions for children which you can see in our price list and can only be charged if the children sleep in the same room with the adults. When specified for FREE means one child in one room with two adults. The 2nd child pays like a 3rd person (Some hotels admit children for free).

The establishments publicised in this brochure are ruled by the official tourist law valid in Spain and its services and installations are defined by these regulations. In case of any complaint referring the establishment or services have to be notified to the agency which organised the reservation or its local representative with a maximum of 48 hours. The customer should start the procedure at the establishment filling in the required documents like complaint form, police report or any other documentation. If the claim is not solved right away the customer can proceed a written claim adjusting a copies of all the documentation like police report and others. This claim can be sent to the travel agency who sold the program to the customer or otherwise to the company who organised. We do not recommend delaying this procedure more then 10 days after your stay.

The organising agency compromises to provide its customers all services contracted proceeding as reflected in the program and with the specified conditions in each one of the descriptions. There is only one case in which the organising agency would not be responsible called reasons of major force specified in the regulations of travel agencies law155/89.

The organising agency declares that they only operate as intermediaries between passengers and the organisations or persons contacted to give services which are specified in the itinerary and our routes like transport companies, hotels and restaurants. This means that all responsibilities in all the services we give as well as accidents or other defects like delays or any other during the contracted services would be declined. This also refers personal belongings and luggage. The organising travel agency is not responsible for overnight charges, transport or other expenses that can be caused because of delays or flight problems caused by weather causes, strikes or other reasons of major force. The programs we sell are not the responsibility of the travel agencies or the tour operators referring the organisation and implementation of the correspondent journeys. Only in case that they don’t mention our company name or changed the conditions of the contracted program made by the organising travel agency.

The fact that you take part in one of our programs means you accept all terms and general conditions To inform about complaints referring any other cause from the customers side or the organising agency we submit to the jurisdiction of the court of Barcelona without any exception.

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