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Book your seat and print your boarding card, you can book your boarding the same day or two hours before the programmed estimated flight. By this way you can go directly to the boarding gate, to avoid queues at airports (for passengers only with hand luggage).

If you need to check in the luggage, you will previously have to go to the account desk, with the sufficient time assigned by the air company.

Once your flight ticket has been booked through our booking centre, please choose the air company where to have your flight ticket, if you press over the icon of the company, to continue please follow the instructions of the system.

Passengers with no hand luggage, with no auto check in on line: Check the boarding gate number on the screen monitors. Directly to the indicated gate number, will you will previous pass the security control, where you will have to show your documentation to check in the airplane.

Passengers with no auto check in on line “With luggage” Will have to hand the luggage in the counter desk at least 60 minutes before the departure of the flight.


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