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1.- GRUPO BUSINESS CLASS INTERNATIONAL with V.A.T B-64454317 (registered into the chain of commerce of Spain) wants to notify by this present text which are the rules and strategies we use referring the law of personal details data protection. Our customers inscribe voluntary at our website indicating their entire personal and confidential information trough our corporative website / .net / .es and . We also want to inform that we respect and protect the LPI which is the intellectual property law as well ass the LSSI ( the law of society information).

2.- GRUPO BUSINESS CLASS INTERNATIONAL in the future named GBC adopted all the levels and the standard security measures demanded by the organic law 15/1999 of December of the LOPD protection of personal and confidential information and the obligation of its development. The rules meaning the politics and strategies of the protection of personal and confidential information adopted by GBC can change in time. The reason is that the rules and the laws change at the LOPD protection of personal data protection. Any changes in the future will be published and you will be informed true this page.

3.- The information we obtain from GBC true the existing documents at your website will automatically be introduced into a file and will be treated. Automatically this file will be property of GRUPO BUSINESS CLASS INTERNATIONAL, company belonging to the tourist area which activity is to provide and distribute corporate events and business travel.

4.- The purpose of collecting this database is to process and treat the information provided by the services of GBC to its customers and suppliers.

5.- The complementation of the forms or sending e-mails or other communications represents the entire approval of the users referring the treatment of there personal details towards GRUPO BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL.

6.- The personal details and confidential information provided by GBC International trough there website will not be transferred to any other company. We will only use them to carry our and full fill the contract obligations established with its customers and providers.

7.- GBC International adopted all security measures towards all details and confidential information treated and stored. As well as technical measures to guarantee the confidentiality of your personal information to avoid wrong use, lost, rob or any change or alteration.

8.- If the user desires to change and execute the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or any other disapproval stated in the organic law 15/1999 dated 13th December reflected under the name of LOPD personal confidential details data protection this has to be done by sending a written, signed document including name, surname, passport number or any other valid official identifying document. Addressing the corresponding request to GBC International indicating the following: File Responsables Edificio Eurocenter Ronda Europa,60 1ª planta 08800 Vilanova i la Geltrú This service is completely free for the petitioner.

9.- All information, programs and services obtained here will be directly addressed to fulfil the purpose of the right of law article number 31RD/1/1996. This law reflects the LPI (law of intellectual property) especially referring to article 31.2 LPI in accordance with article 100.2 of the same law.

10.- Images, trade marks, abbreviations en others belong to the owners and we only make use of them for appointments or in terms of updates like authorised in articles 32 and 33 LPI.

11. We inform that the design, the sources, the reflected information and screen at this website remain submitted to the rights of the owner and under copy write reserving all rights and prohibiting its partial or total reproduction.

12. The principal purpose of the LSSI is to offer an electronic protected data processing for the Spanish network. The organic law of personal details data protection in title number IV chapter I defined as a file of public entitle. Because it refers to electronic files with personal details at network level. The mentioned is ruled by the official agency of personal details and data protection in Spain independent from the public administration.

13.- Exposed all mentioned points in order to match with the requirements of the LSSI without any intention to hinder this law the webmasters of this website will send the personal details data to the corresponding persons or the ones that are directly involved reflected in article 4.1 of the personal details data protection law. This information can only be used for its purposes and treatment and processed when needed for the appropriate and suitable related with the requested fields. Without exceeding or making wrong use related to the purposes of this information. Always respecting the explicit, legitimate law and suitable to establish and carry out its purposes. You can request a pre- view of motives at The webmasters of this web will avoid that no third persons can make wrong use in order to protect this information defending the law of personal detail data protection and satisfying with the obligations of the LSSI.

14.- In case a user accesses the GBC International website the pc automatically detects the IP address of the computer as well as the day ,time connected and disconnected of the site. We also can see which areas the user was interested in on the website. This all is necessary because we need to send the requested information by the customer and send it through the browser so he can see it all on his screen. Using the mentioned technique GBC International can not access other personal details like name, surname, address and telephone number. This is only possible when the user introduces this information and is willing to provide the details.

15.- The PC where the website of GBC International is located use cookies. These are small files which the web server sends to the computer of the visitor without providing names or any other personal details. It is possible to adjust the browser of the PC when done the visitor is alerted when a cookie appears. If you wish to receive more information about this matter, please consult the menu help of your browser. When you decide not to receive any cookies this option will be blocked. At the same time you can still access all the information of GBC International.

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