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Our aim is not only to sell airline tickets, make hotel reservations or hire cares and make you spend a lot of money. This is not only about money making! Our services refer to offer the best solutions and prices to companies and staff travelling with business purposes.

While we are living in a time of constant changes that also effects the travel business. New ideas and commercial solutions between traditional agencies and tourist suppliers provide companies like you with new options and solutions. For GRUPO BUSINESS CLASS INTERNACIONAL the issue are not the changes but the results and benefits of this new cycle.

The important and the dynamic part of this market is ruled by globalization and competitors. In this context the companies every time demand more service and efficiency as well as competitive prices and fast solutions. Our commitment is to offer all the mentioned solutions to you and your company helping our customers with everything concerning their corporate business travel.


In case of big and smaller companies we benefit of the power we have in our group to negotiate the best prices

In big corporations we assist you to define and optimize the best strategy of your acquisitions in order to obtain the best benefit.

The GRUPO BUSINESS CLASS INTERNATIONAL makes all your reservations without any intermediaries using our network of direct staff all over the world offering the best rates called Rac price of the hotel. This is the lowest price of the establishment. We have more than 100.000 hotels around the world contracted with this rate.

In GRUPO BUSINESS CLASS INTERNATIONAL we take care of all your needs, emission of your national, international and intercontinental flights at the lowest prices existing in Europe for all regular, low costs, and charter flights with all airline companies.

Our travel counsellors offer the best call centre service totally personalized always providing the best options in all your requirements like, FAIRS, HOTELS, FLIGHTS, CAR RENTAL, TRANSFERS, TOURIST VISA, CONGRESSES, TRAVEL INCENTIVES PROGRAMS, GUIDES, TRANSLATERS or what ever other service you might need. Our travel counsellors offer the best and reduced prices of the market.

In GRUPO BUSINESS CLASS INTERNATIONAL you will always find somebody willing to listen, care, assist and help you anytime any where around the world. We provide an exclusive service for all professionals like you who want the best fore there company.

That is why from now on we have al lot to offer you...

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